The importance of having a professionally designed and installed installation can be seen from the fact that wehn the police seek to use CCTV evidence in court it is found to be inadmissible in at least 70% of cases. Whilst it is true that almost anyone can look at a location and suggest a number of Cameras, only those who have experience in this field through an understanding of the principles of optical science, will generally be able to give the customer a picture with the best definition or coverage. Often it is also possible to give clients "added value" by locating Cameras, and utilising lenses which are able, not only to view the area of concern, but also give peripheral vision of other points of interest.
While SureCo maintains a strong position in the field of CCTV and electronic security, we are consistently called upon by small and large companies who appreciate the individual approach we take when designing and developing systems. Being in the Security business since 1983, we have seen many changes in the form of surveillance and detection, we have grown with our customers, and we believe that our success has been down to recognising that each situation and each customer is unique, with their own needs and preferences. A large percentage of our business is from our existing clients, who return to us again and again to meet their security needs.

We take pride in being able to provide cost-effective CCTV solution to security problems.